cheese wedding cake

Cheese wedding cakes

Got an army of cheese lovers ready to celebrate your big day and want to offer them something a little bit different to enjoy on your big day? Why not switch out your traditional wedding cake for a cheese wedding cake, yep, you heard it – a wedding cake made entirely of delectable cheese – not only do cheese wedding cakes make a stunning centre-piece and great talking point but most importantly they’re absolutely delicious – what better way to round off a wedding breakfast or fuel your guests exploits on the dancefloor than with one of the countries favourite desserts – served and paired in whatever unique way you desire.

Cheese wedding cakes
Cheese wedding cakes

What is a wedding cake?

A wedding cake, typically a white cake served in tiers is a cake traditionally served at some part of the wedding reception. It’s typically ceremonially sliced into by the bride and groom together and served to guests either on the day or at a later date and symbolises good fortune. Typically in the UK the wedding cake will be a dense fruit cake rich with sugar to help it stand the test of time – in some parts the tradition is that the couple save a slice of the top tier of the cake to eat on the first anniversary of the marriage.

What’s the history of wedding cakes?

In this country tall tiered white wedding cakes are as synonymous with weddings as therings or the best man’s speech, however not many people now how and why the tradition of the wedding cake started. We have the ancient Romans to thank for the modern day wedding cake – in Roman wedding ceremonies a barley cake was broken over the head of the bride for fertility and fortune – the newly married couple would typically pick up and eatsome of the crumbs, followed by the guests. This tradition followed the Romans to the UK and over time the bread-cake was replaced with piles of spiced-buns, over which the newly married couple had to kiss without knocking over the pile, again, a symbol of good-luck for the marriage. Over time this developed to pies, then primitive wedding cakes and finally the modern, fruit filled cakes we know and love today.Nowadays this tradition has been pushed on even further and wedding parties have been known to serve donuts, cookies, bagels and even burgers.. yep, burgers – stacked in tiers ona cake stand as a nod to their traditional routes. Our favourite take on the traditional tiered cake though has to be a wedding cake made entirely of cheese!!

" A Cheese Wedding Cake is the most delicious way to say "will you brie mine"

What is a cheese wedding cake?

A cheese wedding cake is exactly that – a tiered ‘cake’ you can serve up to your guests for asymbolic, eye-catching and delicious treat as part of your wedding ceremony. Cheese wedding cakes are usually comprised of a selection of whole wheels of cheese stacked, with the largest cheese at the bottom, on top of one another to give the appearance of a traditional tiered wedding cake with some added cheesy charm.There’s no ‘tradition’ to a cheese wedding cake in terms of how many tiers it should be,colours, flavours or when or how it’s served or what with – so feel free to be creative and build the cake of your dreams out of your favourite cheeses and pairings. Not sure where to start? Get in touch and we can help you put something together that’ll tick every box. growth and reducing long term hair shedding.

What types of cheese can I have in my wedding cake?

Morgan to help with this Ready to order your own cheese wedding cake?At Cheeses of Muswell Hill we’ve already made bespoke and unique Cheese wedding cakes for over 250 customers nation-wide and are delighted to have been able to play a part in somany special days. If you’re looking for a bespoke cheese wedding cakes to fit your special day, we’re able to cater for any budget or number of guests, allergies, tastes and pairing preferences to make you something truly special – so pop into the shop or get in-touch through the website or my Instagram and I’d be happy to spec something out for you.

Cheeses of Muswell Hill Owner Morgan McGlynn's very own cheese wedding cake which consisted of 11 layers of incredible cheeses and a 3 meter grazing table. 

The cake from top to bottom 

Godminster heart 


Vintage Manchego 

Cashel Blue  

Godminster organic cheddar 

Cornish Yarg 

Black Bomber 

Baron Bigod 

Gorwydd Caerphilly

Morgan McGlynn Cheese Wedding Cake