The Modern Cheese Board

The Modern Cheeseboard

Morgan Mcglynn's second book "the modern cheeseboard" is out now!

The Modern Cheeseboard 

Want to learn how to pair cheese like a pro? 

‘The Queen of Cheese’ is back with her second book! Pair your way to the perfect grazing platter with The Modern Cheeseboard by Morgan McGlynn, a sumptuous guide to putting together the perfect cheeseboard for any occasion.

With 40 stunning arrangements to suit all tastes, gatherings, events and seasons, each board clearly breaks down the elements required — the cheeses, the accompaniments, the garnishes – and uniquely brings together the most delicious flavours that perfectly match Morgan’s expert cheese selection, with clear preparation and assembly instructions.

The Mordern Cheese Board - Morgan McGlynn
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A how-to guide that breaks the cheeseboard down into its components— cheese, meat, accompaniments, garnish. - allowing you to create stunning spreads for any occasion.

There’s detailed pairing advice for herbs, meats, fruit & veg, edible flowers, wines and spirits, and even recipes to make your own pickles and chutneys. With boards ranging from everyday classics to the ultimate showstopper grazing table alongside ideas for key dates throughout the year and inspiration from around the world, The Modern Cheeseboard is guaranteed to wow whether it’s

cheese for one, dinner for two, or a room full of party guests.

The Modern Cheeseboard
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