The top soft cheese pairings

Top Soft Cheese Pairings

Autumn is here and it's the season for cosy nights in, wooly jumpers and staying indoors - and what better way to make the most of a night in than with a cheese and wine night. This autumn we’re cooking up something extraordinary, combining impeccable flavours with some seasonal favourites, Cheeses of Muswell Hill brings you the super soft cheese selection, just in time for your most delicious autumn to date. Read on to find out a little bit more about our favourite soft cheese pairings to savour this autumn season.


It's hard not to love soft cheese

Before we get into our favorite soft cheese pairings, let's start with why soft cheese is so special and is always a firm favourite on our cheese boards. 

Some of you maybe questioning the idea of soft cheese in the winter months? And while you're right, soft cheese is typically eaten in the summer, it's also fantastic in the autumn / winter months because of its versatility. Just think about all those gorgeous baked brie & camembert recipes that are no doubt starting to crop up on your social media feeds at this time of year. There's something luxurious and comforting about soft cheese that means it's far from just a warm weather cheese. Soft cheeses deliver loads of indulgent creamy texture and mild, tangy taste which pair perfectly with some of those freshly harvested autumnal flavours we all love. 

Of course we all love a hard cheese, no one is arguing that they're not great for adventurous expeditions in flavour, but at the end of the day, it's really a soft cheese you want to come home to. When its cold & (raining if you're in the UK) what better way to warm your soul (or wow your guests) than with a decadent soft cheese, served with some warm bread on a cold winter night?

What is soft cheese?


A soft cheese is made without pressing the curd to squeeze out the whey, or milk liquids, resulting in a cheese with higher moisture content. Soft cheeses are only slightly aged or not aged at all, giving them a softer, creamier texture but a shorter shelf life. While hard cheeses may last months, soft cheeses only last weeks at most.


We've already talked about indulgence, well this is what you call an indulgent soft cheese. 

Vignotte is a triple crème cow’s milk cheese hailing from the Normandy region of northwestern France.

This cheese is delicious and rich due to it being enhanced with heavy cream, making it dense, buttery and oh so indulgent. The rind is covered with a velvety and powdery bloomy mould while the inside is ivory white in colour.

Vignotte pairs nicely with a slice of pear & date with a sprig of thyme. It could also be enjoyed with a crusty French bread or a plain cracker.

Perfect Pairing


Cornish Brie


This Cornish brie's amazing flavours have a lot to do with location, the farm on which a cheese is made has a real impact on the end result, in the same way it does when making wine. The soil type and climate in Cornwall are perfect for soft cheese, particularly due to the high moisture content.

This British beauty has a delicious mild and creamy flavour and melting, smooth texture. The rich and creamy Cornish milk gives it a characteristic yellow, buttery colour.

Cornish Brie is delightful paired with fresh apples & onion marmalade. Perfection in a bite. 

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Perfect Pairing 


"Life is better with soft cheese"

Morgan McGlynn (while eating brie)

Camembert De Normandie Bonchoix 

The new kid on the block. New cheese makers Fromagerie Beillevaire are striving to keep the traditional French cheese making alive have brought this new small camembert to a wider market. 

Camembert, the most famous French cheese produced in Normandie, is ladle-molded. It is a mould ripened cheese with white rind, yellow paste and a creamy texture. It has a powerful taste with intense earthy and mushroom flavours. This little baby still packs a punch and at this time of year. 

Pairs perfectly with fresh fig + wild flower honey. The sweetness balances the saltness of the cornish brie. Serve this on a peters yard sour dough cracker 

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Perfect Pairing 


Camembert De Normandie Bonchoix served with honey

The festive season is all about gathering loved ones together and as the old saying goes you're never more than 6 feet away from a turophile so make it easier for yourself (or your host) by picking up our super soft selection filled with the key ingredients for a memorable celebration. Drink and dine the night away with three of our award winning soft cheeses & a pairing guide to show you exactly how to pair your new favourite soft cheeses perfectly to ensure you have the best cheesy autumn possible