Peters Yard cheese pairing

Cheese & Peters Yard Crackers Pairings

The cheese shop has stocked many types of biscuits over the last 40 years, I remember back in 2008 when Wendy send us her first batch of Peter’s Yard sourdough crispbreads, we hadn’t seen anything like it before and ever since have been a firm favourite of ours. There is no better vehicle for eating cheese than Peter's Yard rye crisp breads. 

Morgan cheeses - Peters Yard Crackers and cheese pairings
Morgan McGlynn ​​

The Peters yard range is made in an artisan bakery in the UK, following the original Swedish crisp bread recipe. Everything begins with a 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours – crafted in small batches without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch.

Peters yard crackers with cheese
peters yard ​​

As the years have gone on the range has grown, here are my top 4 biscuits with cheese pairings to match. 

Original Sourdough crackers + stinking bishop + pickled pears 

Starting with the original and our best selling sourdough cracker I have paired this with our favourite cheese at this time of year the pungent stinking bishop, this works so beautifully on the crisp bread, This melt in the mouth cheese marries perfectly with the crunch from the crisp bread plus the pickled pear adds a sweet, tart taste to the pairing! Creating the perfect bite.

✨Rosemary & sea salt sourdough crackers + Brie + figs

I could eat these rosemary & sea salt crackers on their own, the texture and taste is delicious so adding the best brie in the world and topping that with fresh figs = heaven in my opinion. The herby tang you get from the biscuits works so well with the mushroom bite from the brie and the figs finish the pairing off perfectly!  

✨Fig & spelt sourdough crackers + stilton + Honey

Fig & spelt crackers are to die for, these have a subtle sweetness! And we all love a salty & sweet pairing they compliment each other so well, I love honey and sally cheese and these crackers are the best vehicle for the glorious pairing! Careful with this one this cracker is very morish! 

✨Rye & charcoal sourdough + Caerphilly cheese + dark chocolate & raspberries

These charcoal sourdough crackers are really good base for these creamy cheese, aesthetically they look beautiful on a cheese plate and taste wonderful with the dark chocolate and raspberry. If you haven’t tried this combo before then give it a go!