With my top 6 fool proof cheese board pairings you'll always be a winner! The top 6 cheese parings for spring 2022! wow your guest with these easy amazing pairings on your next cheese board

The Best 6 cheese pairings for your summer 2022 cheese board

The Best 6 cheese pairings for your summer 2022 cheese board


April 23, 2022

I’ve explored the six must have cheeses for your summer cheese boards this year and delicious ways to pair them.

Any seasoned host will tell you a well-crafted cheese board, rich with delicious cheeses and fresh produce is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, however putting together an amazing summer cheese board isn’t always as easy as it seems.

There are so many pairings and textures to consider it’s difficult to

know where to start. But don’t worry, my fool-proof guide to the perfect summer 2022 cheese board is designed to help take the stress out of planning an amazing summer cheese board for your next party or picnic whether you’re a fan of goat’s cheese, prefer a stinky blue or love a mature cheddar. Here is a breakdown of each cheese, how to pair it and why they work so well together as a little taste of cheesy heaven.

The Best 6 Cheese pairings you will ever need to create the perfect cheese board. This easy cheese pairing chart has the answers you need

Rules - 

The first rule of a great cheese board is obviously great cheese – you can have the best product on

the planet but if you pair it with bad cheese you and your guests will know about it

The second rule is finding contrasts - You want to look for a cheese and an accompaniment that are on opposite sides of the tangy/sweet spectrum, like the classic cheddar and grapes and if you can

find pairings that contrast in terms of texture too you’re onto a real winner – hence the classic soft

cheese and crunchy cracker combination that’s stood the test of time.






The Best 6 Cheese pairings you will ever need to create the perfect cheese board. This easy cheese pairing chart has the answers you need

From my own experience most peoples favourite course Is the cheese board,A humble wooden board full of good cheese and

fresh produce can so easily become the most impressive

extravagant part of a meal, party or gathering.

Pairing cheese is really personal preference. But, hopefully this little guide will help steer you in the right direction. I offer both some classics, and some combinations that might just blow your mind.Cheese pairing is all about contrasts. You want to look for a cheese and an accompaniments that are on opposite sides of the tangy/sweet spectrum. 

Here is a breakdown of each cheese pairing and why they work so well together. Once the ingredients are put together it should create a little bite of heaven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


The 6 Cheese Pairings                                                                                                                    

No. 1 Blue Cheese + Oatcakes + Walnuts 

Why it works:

I absolutely love a mouth-watering Blue Cheese full of character paired with walnuts.
The earthy taste of the nuts goes beautifully with the saltiness of the blue and if you want to add a pitch of sweetness try these pairing drizzled with honey. The oatcake in the perfect crumbly texture for this pairing.

Click here for the our favourite Blue cheese - Cashel Blue 


No.2 Brie + Baguette + Pear 

Why it works:

Stunning soft cheese, like Brie cheese tastes wonderful when served with a juicy
gritty pear. The sweet, citrusy flavour works so beautifully with this our favourite
soft cheese, the indulgent Brie De Meaux, throw in a piece of roughly torn baguette
and I promise you’ll never look back!

Click here for the best Brie you’ve ever tried in your life


No.3 Comte + Crackers + Dried Apricots 

Why it works:

Comte is a beautifully smooth and nutty cheese, pairing it simply with sweet dried
apricots on a plain cracker to avoid over-powering the delicate flavours *chefs kiss*
Click here for the



No.4 Goats Cheese + Charcoal crackers + Figs

Why it works:

This combination of figs and goat cheese isn’t one you’ll find on many pub cheese
boards but trust me when I tell you it’s one of the most perfect combinations in the world. Serving a rich creamy goat cheese, sweet fresh figs, and hearty charcoal crackers is an easy win the taste is sensational you will be in heaven.

Click here for the Goats cheese 


No.5 Manchego + Rye Crackers + Membrillo

Why it works:

What’s a summer cheese board without a latin kick? This classic Spanish cheese
pairing is seen in tapas bars from Santander to Seville. Manchego’s
piquant flavour and full-bodied texture make it an extremely versatile cheese. It is the perfect match for sweet membrillo, a paste made of quince, as the naturally savoury and salty characteristics provide a delicious contrast.

Click here for the Manchego 

Click here for rye cracker 

Click here for  Membrillo 


No.6 Cheddar + Fig Toast + Grapes 

Why it works:                                                                                              

Last but not least, a modern take on an old classic. Mature crumbly rich cheddar is a bold and strong taste so you need a cracker that can stand up to it. This fruit toast is a favourite of mine, it’s the perfect vehicle for this pairing and goes perfectly with the light sweet taste of the grapes.

Click here for our favourite mature cheddar 

Click here for the toast