The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook

How to pair cheese like a pro

"The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook: A Decadent Odyssey into the World of Artisan Bliss"

In the realm of gastronomy, few pleasures rival the exquisite dance of flavors orchestrated by the perfect cheese pairing. Enter Morgan McGlynn Carr, a seasoned cheesemonger with 16 years of expertise, whose latest masterpiece, "The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook," unveils a sumptuous collection of charts and recipes that promise to elevate your cheese experience to unparalleled heights.

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A fascinating fact about cheese pairing is that the flavours and characteristics of both the cheese and the accompanying beverage (wine, beer, or other) can interact in various ways, enhancing and transforming each other. This interaction is often referred to as "synergy." For example, the creaminess of a cheese can soften the tannins in a red wine, creating a more harmonious flavor experience. The complex interplay of textures, tastes, and aromas in cheese pairing highlights the artistry and subjectivity involved in creating delightful combinations.

Unveiling the Art of Cheese Pairing

Morgan's culinary journey into the world of cheese pairing began about five years ago with a humble chart drawn on the back of a brown paper bag. Little did he know that this impromptu creation would evolve into a sensation, liked by millions on social media. Since that serendipitous moment, Morgan has been on a relentless mission to explore the art and science of cheese pairing.
The heart of this cookbook lies in Morgan's meticulous cheese pairing charts. These charts, born from the desire to help a customer enhance her cheese experience, have now blossomed into an easy-to-navigate guide, presenting the perfect combinations that bring out the best in both cheese and accompaniments. A culinary masterpiece in its own right, the chart has become a key feature, guiding both novices and connoisseurs through the labyrinth of cheese pairings.

Morgan McGlynn Carr Cheese Pairings
Morgan McGlynn Carr - The Complete Cheese Pairing Guide 

The Symphony of Flavors
At the core of Morgan's philosophy is the belief that cheese pairings are a subjective yet delightful culinary adventure. It's not about overwhelming the palate or making it feel like work; instead, it's an opportunity to explore new and exciting cheeses, experimenting to find the perfect pairing.
In the cookbook, Morgan shares some guiding principles that have been honed through years of cheese travels and tastings. The process involves partnering different cheeses with jams, nuts, fruits, meats, or anything that sparks the imagination. The goal is not just to complement the individual flavors but to create a pairing where the sum is far greater than its parts—a taste that is both amazing and unexpected.

The Cheese Pairing charts

This all started about 5 years ago when morgan  came up with a cheese pairing chart,originally i drew a quick chart on the back on a brown paper bag in my cheese shop for a customer who wanted to pair the cheese she had just bought, she wouldn't be the last customer to ask for this so i made a few simple charts for my customers in the shop one of which got posted online and within a few days was liked over 50million times on social media and so the cheese pairing chart was born.Since that serendipitous moment, I have been on a mission to explore the art and science of cheese pairing, discovering the perfect combinations that bring out the best flavours and textures in both the cheese and its accompaniments. Allpresented in an easy to navigate and reciprocate cheese chart. 

From Chart to Cookbook
Building on the success of the cheese pairing chart, Morgan's cookbook delves deeper into the intricacies of pairing, offering readers a comprehensive guide to creating their own moments of cheesy wonder. It's not just about pairing cheese with crackers; it's about creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.
The book features carefully curated pairing boards containing both classic and unique combinations. Morgan's expertise shines through as he takes readers on a journey around the world of cheeses, exploring seasonal pairings that elevate each experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced fromager, "The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook" promises to be the only cheese guide you'll ever need.

Morgan McGlynn Carr Cheese pairing
Morgan McGlynn Carr - The Complete Cheese Pairing Guide 

A Culinary Adventure Awaits

As readers reach the final pages of this culinary odyssey, Morgan expresses a deep sense of joy and gratitude. The art of cheese pairings has brought immeasurable happiness and delight, not just to Morgan but to anyone ready to embark on this delicious journey.
Morgan's love for cheese pairings goes beyond the grandeur of hosting parties or curating edible art; it's about those quiet moments of indulgence. Picture yourself, armed with the knowledge from this book, savoring a plate of cheese paired to perfection.

 Embracing the Cheese-Filled Journey
With the turn of the last page, readers are invited to start their own delicious cheese-filled journey. Armed with the power of cheese pairing knowledge, Morgan encourages experimentation, challenging norms, and breaking boundaries. The book becomes a secret cheese pairing bible, ready to accompany you on adventures to delis, cheese shops, or farmer's markets.
The journey is not just about pairing cheese; it's about conquering the world of gorgeous cheeses and pairings, making everything a little bit more delicious. With cheesy experimentation, ordinary taste buds transform into extraordinary flavors. The evolving art form of cheese pairing is an invitation to mix, match, and taste to your heart's content.

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