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In the realm of artisanal cheese, embracing the seasons is paramount to savoring the rich and diverse flavors that nature has to offer. While mass manufacturing has made cheese available year-round, there's a profound difference between cheeses crafted from the fresh bounty of spring and those produced during other seasons. Let's explore the essence of seasonal cheeses and delve into the exquisite offerings of spring, accompanied by a tantalizing selection from an Easter/Spring collection.

Why Cheese is Seasonal?

Cheese, like fruits and vegetables, is deeply intertwined with the land and the seasons. The quality of cheese is directly influenced by what the animals—cows, goats, or sheep—are eating when their milk is harvested. For instance, cheese made from cow's milk can vary in flavor depending on the quality of the pasture the cows graze on. Similarly, cheese made from the milk of goats or sheep is at its peak between March and October when the animals are lactating and their milk is fresh.

Artisan cheese makers are increasingly conscious of the importance of the seasons, often staggering the breeding season of their animals to ensure a fresh milk supply throughout the year. This practice allows them to avoid using frozen or powdered milk commonly found in mass-produced cheeses.

Even for aged cheeses, the seasons play a crucial role. Cheese made 'in-season' and then aged will invariably offer a superior flavor profile compared to cheese made out of season. Understanding the cheese seasons not only enhances appreciation but also encourages exploration and discovery of new flavors.

Spring Cheese Selection

As spring unfolds its vibrant colors and fragrant blooms, the cheese landscape transforms with it. Here's a curated selection of spring cheeses to indulge in:

Cerney : A delightful goat cheese with a fresh and tangy flavor, perfect for springtime picnics.

Sainte Maure : This French goat cheese boasts a distinctive cylindrical shape and creamy texture, ideal for pairing with crisp white wines on sunny afternoons.

Valencay : Named after the town of Valençay in the Loire Valley, this goat cheese features a truncated pyramid shape and a subtle nutty flavor with herbal notes.

Blue Cornflower by Gedsted Dairy : Embrace the soft, creamy, and mild blue mold cheese, meticulously produced at Gedsted Dairy in collaboration with Thise Dairy. This exceptional cheese showcases the dedication of passionate artisans and the richness of organic practices.

Wigmore : Hailing from England, Wigmore cheese is a true masterpiece of complexity, fruitiness, and richness. Its unctuous texture and delicate taste make it a standout choice for springtime cheese boards. Notably, Wigmore cheese secured the 16th position in the World Cheese Awards out of over 4,500 entries.

8 Blumen: Swiss Pressed Cheese with Appenzell Flowers by Koch Cheese Dairy : Embark on a sensory journey with 8 Blumen, a Swiss pressed cheese infused with the essence of Appenzell flowers. Crafted by Kevin Koch at the renowned Koch Cheese Dairy, this exceptional cheese is a celebration of Swiss cheese-making tradition and innovation.

8 Blumen - Swiss Pressed Cheese with Appenzell Flowers by Koch Cheese Dairy: "Raw cow’s milk from the Appenzell canton in Switzerland. This alpine is covered and aged in 8 edible wild flowers that grow on the mountain side. Aromas of chamomile and honeycomb this beauty is not to be missed!"

Morgan McGlynn Carr

Swiss pressed cheese made from raw cow's milk from the Appenzell region. For this cheese, Kevin Koch selected a special blend of 8 different flowers from the Appenzell region. During the maturing process, the essence of these 8 flowers progressively penetrates the cheese, and gives it its distinctive taste.

Pairings for Spring Cheese Delights Accompanying these exquisite spring cheeses are equally enticing pairings that elevate the tasting experience to new heights: Blue Cornflower: Enhance the creamy texture and mild saltiness of Blue Cornflower cheese by pairing it with the vibrant sweetness of mandarin slices and the subtle licorice-like flavor of fresh fennel, finished with a sprinkle of dill. Wigmore: Let the complexity of Wigmore cheese shine by pairing it with the bright acidity of mandarin slices, which cuts through the richness of the cheese, while the delicate anise flavor of fennel adds depth and complexity to each bite.

Blue cornflower - Morgan McGlynn carr

Morgan McGlynn Carr: The Cheese Expert

No discussion of spring cheeses would be complete without acknowledging the expertise of Morgan McGlynn Carr, a renowned cheese connoisseur who has graced the screens of Channel 4's Sunday Brunch for eight years as the resident cheese expert. Morgan's passion for cheese and her encyclopedic knowledge have made her a beloved figure among cheese enthusiasts and novices alike.

Not only does Morgan share her expertise on television, but she also imparts her wisdom through her upcoming book, "The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook." This eagerly anticipated book promises to be a treasure trove of cheese knowledge, offering readers a comprehensive guide to pairing cheeses with complementary flavors to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

As Morgan's pairings grace our tables and her wisdom enriches our understanding of cheese, we salute her dedication to the craft and her unwavering commitment to sharing the joy of cheese with the world.

Morgan McGlynn Carr

Morgan McGlynn Carr -

 is the UK's leading cheese expert and She is also the resident Cheese Expert on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch for the last 8 years and a  judge at the World Cheese Awards. Starting the shop age 21, she was Britain's youngest female cheesemonger and has spent the subsequent years traveling the UK and the world, working with celebrated mongers and makers, and learning to make, mature, and sell cheese. She is also a cheese consultant for leading retailers and author of two previous, highly acclaimed titles The Modern Cheesemaker and The Modern Cheeseboard.

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