Cheeses of Muswell Hill named “One of the top 5 Cheese shops in London”

Cheeses of Muswell Hill named “One of the top 5 Cheese shops in London”

Christmas is fast approaching, and cheese lovers will understand the importance of a good cheeseboard in the festive period. Now, we all know about the Selfridges Food Hall and the legacy of Harrods but do you really want to be queuing for hours only to rush the very important decision of buying cheese? Of course not.

In the spirit of all things cheesy, About time magazine has decided on their top 5 independent cheese shops in London and we are lucky enough to be named as No.2! which is fantastic


2. For Condiments Galore: Cheeses

What: This tiny gem in Muswell Hill was established in 1982 and has already won awards for being damn great. Exclusively sourcing farmhouse and artisan cheese, Cheeses make buying cheese easier than ever with the option of home deliveries and even pre-prepeared cheeseboards.

Why Visit: Staff at the shop really know their stuff, which means you’ll leave knowing what cracker, wine and chutney to pair your purchase with. If you hang around there long enough you might hear about their special society. Who needs Fight Club when you have Cheese Club? That’s right, this North London cheesemonger offers the opportunity to join an exclusive club where members receive a special monthly cheese delivery. After visiting you’ll want to be a member too, but remember keep quiet because the first rule of cheese club is: you do not talk about cheese club!

Where: 13 Fortis Green Rd, London, N10 3HP



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